Take Control of Your Monthly Expenses

Are you in a position where you're struggling to pay your creditors as well as your monthly living expenses?

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Here are a few additional tips to help you to get on track with your finances


  • Make a focused effort to reduce your spending. Plan your shopping in advance and work to a set budget to avoid impulse buying.
  • Choose cheaper brands of food items.
  • Consider shopping at cheaper stores.
  • Use coupons where you can, and make use of special offers.


  • Try to reduce your household energy and water consumption where possible by being more conscious of your usage.
  • Review your current utility provider's rates and consider switching to a cheaper supplier.


  • Avoid opening unnecessary credit accounts.
  • Try to avoid missing or making late payments to your creditors.
  • Avoid taking out credit accounts with long term contracts.
  • Consider consolidating all your debt into one account with a fixed lower monthly payment.


  • Your mortgage or rent is one of your biggest expenses. Moving home is probably your last option, but if it's a possibility, you should consider moving to a smaller, cheaper property.

Increasing your income

  • If possible, could you work extra hours in your current job, or take up a second job?
  • Could you rent a spare room in your home to a lodger to raise extra income?
  • Are there any unwanted items in your home that you could sell?

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